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Ndoto goal

To be a leading platform that carries the promise of providing technological and entrepreneurial skills to youth

About Us

Ndoto Program

is a platform that focuses on discovering great potentials in young generation (Form IV graduates) and mentoring them with soft skills that will help them to identify their purposes, their contributions to their communities, envision their dreams and improve their career. The Ndoto project came to bridge the unemployment gap that exists among most youths resulting from lack of skills that most employers look for. By having this platform youth will be able to acquire different skills that will help not only to fit on the job market but also to create their own jobs.

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Ndoto Program
AMCET HUB,Al-Maktoum College,
Ally Sykes road,
Dar es salaam, Tanzania

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Phone: (+255) 788 059 221
Mobile: (+255) 769 926 355